Our developmental program of workshops help promote character, etiquette, confidence, creativity, and self-esteem in students. These workshops will educate creatives to network and build opportunities for themselves to partake in fashion events across the state of Arkansas.

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Dress for Success 

This is a workshop held for the 12-18 year old. The class will promote business etiquette teaches students in attendance proper behavior, appropriate attire, and basic skills that are necesary to thrive in the next level to attain a job.

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Making a little go a long way

This workshop is encouraged for all students and meant to promoting creativity. Fashion is all around us and apart of our every day lives.  We believe this class will inspire students to use the resources they have and that are given to them to create. 

Walk the Walk

If you believe something you can attain it. Once the student has the confidence that they can achieve, they are one step closer to their goal. This workshop is for ages 12-17. 

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Fashion is my passion

Fashion is one of the many ways we choose to express ourselves, whether it is with a paint brush,  or with a needle and thread. Students of all ages can come to this workshop and grow in an opportunity for self expression.